Being an artist,

 It's okay to be yourself first. It's okay to keep some of your personal art to yourself or to not to post anything online for a while. It's alright. People who like you or your art will always stay no matter how long you take to comeback with your masterpieces. But people who leave, aren't the one to blame as well. At the end it's about choices. Just like you made one, they made one too. It takes a while to gain achievement but it takes mere a second to appreciate what you created.
Sometimes a situation comes when people back out and you feel you got nothing to appreciate anymore. Maybe you were not running with them; with modern time. I think... It's alright. It's alright to not to pace. I created one of my first art when I was drowning (I hope you understand). It took me long in between. Then I created my next masterpieces when I found a way to survive. It wasn't just about a while or two. It takes long to acknowledge who you are and what you can really do. It's about choices weather you want to(anymore) or you don't.
People are like thoughts in our mind; they come and they go. As an Artist, (no approved tag is required) one should know how to paint wings and have a willing will to fly. Not only fly yourself but I believe one should take care of others hand to let them fly with you. Let them see how good it feels to have own wings and how freedom really tastes like. It's not about a while, it'll take time. Choice is yours.
You know, It's alright. Alright to get stuck in storm of competition, alright if you sunk, if you lost your touch or way. It alright because you choose to fly or begin your journey as an Artist. What matters here is how you breathe. Breathe for a while and Instead of grieving , take a minute to retrospect and find a way out. Who knows if you find a better way. Choice is yours you control it.

(Everything possess beauty)

It's alright to choose what you create. Like if you want to paint rain when everybody's creating beautiful summer scenery, it's alright to do so. When you don't feel confident about what you want to create then you shouldn't do it. Maybe you're not ready to matchup with the flow inside you.
It's alright. Choice is yours.
Being an Artist for a while now, I feel it's okay to choose yourself first before people who don't know respect.
Always remember;
“Masterpieces are meant to get appreciate before acknowledge” -M